Why sponsored articles will grow your business

Why sponsored articles will grow your business

4 October, 2019
Sponsored articles are considered a type of native ad, one that is fully immersed in the format and layout of the website. Advertisers receive several benefits with this type of advertising, outlined below.

1. Your article will be viewed as being part of the content creation of the publisher, and therefore far more likely to get engagement and a high trust overview.

2. Your article will be featured on the publisher as long as the website exists, boosting your SEO and online presence.

3. Your article will be seen as non-invasive by viewers, and therefore less likely to be filtered out as a generic ad.

4. Your article cannot be blocked by ad blockers, maximising views and reads.

5. You can pitch your product or service in a comprehensive, unambiguous manner and enable readers to fully understand what you're offering.

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