How to make more ad revenue from direct advertisers

How To Make More Ad Revenue From Direct Advertisers

30 July, 2019
So you run your blog or news outlet and you’re monetising it with an ad exchange like Google AdSense. But how do you attract advertisers so you can make more ad revenue on top of your current advertising solutions?

One easy way is by selling your banner ad space on a marketplace like Ad Dragon.

Ad Dragon is like any marketplace, but instead of buying and selling physical things, you buy and sell digital ad space. As a seller of ad space or as a “publisher”, it’s very easy and only takes a few minutes to get set up. Make sure you have adblocker turned off during these steps.

  1. Sign up to
  2. Head over to the left and click “publisher panel” and then “submit website”.
  3. Fill out the details about your site. Make sure to upload a high quality logo and cover photo to attract advertisers browsing the market!
  4. Submit your website and wait for approval. While you wait, create your ad units by heading over to “publisher panel” again and “my websites”.
  5. Click on “ad units” and create your ad units.
  6. There will be a “backfill” option so you can decide what shows on your website while you wait for a sale. Choose “custom code” and paste your AdSense (or whatever) code into the box. Save and you’ll return to the ad unit page – click on “code”, copy/paste it and then add it to your website where you want the ad unit to show.
  7. That’s it! Now all you have to do is wait for a sale – when you’ve made one, you’ll receive an email asking you to accept or reject the ad. If you have auto-approve on, the ad will be displayed on your website automatically. Don’t forget to update your payment details under “my account” and “settings”.

The beautiful thing about Ad Dragon is that it’s just an extra stream of revenue – and you never have to replace any of your favourite ad networks. We encourage you to maximise your revenue at all times. Happy selling!

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