How to buy sponsored articles

How to buy sponsored articles

30 June, 2019
Buying sponsored articles on websites in your niche isn't easy- it's often a long and consuming process that costs you time and money.

What we're offering is a fully automated online platform where all you have to do is pop items into your cart, upload an article spec and we'll handle the rest.

Many of our publishers have bespoke contracts with us and sell their inventory for prices you won't find anywhere else.

Interested in getting started? Head over to the Ad Dragon marketplace by clicking here to see a list of our sponsored articles for sale!

When you're browsing the Ad Dragon marketplace you can choose to only see websites offering sponsored articles by clicking the products dropdown and selecting "Sponsored Articles". This will only show websites offering sponsored articles. We offer sponsored articles in many different niches including crypto sponsored articles, real-estate sponsored articles, technology sponsored articles and many more.


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