Crypto advertisers are struggling to advertise on facebook and google. here’s why you should be excited.

Crypto advertisers are struggling to advertise on Facebook and Google. Here’s why you should be excited.

21 November, 2019
Although Facebook “reversed” their ban on cryptocurrency ads back in June 2018, cryptocurrency advertisers are still overwhelmingly getting rejected. Even after jumping through application and license hoops, it seems that the majority of crypto ads are failing to get through. Ads that don’t promote ICOs or binary options are said to still qualify — but how many “approved” crypto advertisers exist still remains unclear.

Google did something similar a few months ago. but to this day, Google’s ad policies prohibit the following:

The power that the duopoly wield on digital ventures may cause you anxiety, but more and more crypto advertisers are choosing to advertise direct on publisher websites in light of these revelations. As long as the publisher creates content on cryptocurrency related news, your ad is almost guaranteed to be approved as parties don’t need to go through big tech to market their products and services to an already-interested-in-crypto audience. Your only struggle as an advertiser is choosing which publisher will generate returns on your ad spend.
And this was exactly what moved us to create an online ad marketplace where advertisers buy ads direct from publishers. Updated publisher stats, screenshots of where your ads will be displayed, no long wait times; we’ve streamlined the process to make the process of buying and selling ads as easy and simple as possible.

And here’s the kicker: we’ve developed something we call the “Smart Impression System” where impressions are counted only when your ad actually appears on the screen of a visitor. An impression will never be counted when the ad simply loads off-screen, as with most ad networks. Even if your ad is below-the-fold, a visitor will have to scroll down so the ad appears on their screen for it to count as an impression. This means that our advertisers will have actual value for money, significantly boosting ROI and growth of their business.

We’re offering a 10% cashback for any advertisers that spend $1000 or more in a single purchase. Our goal is for both advertisers and publishers to reap the rewards of direct deals, whereby advertisers get a bang for their buck and publishers make more sales.

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