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Our sites & apps bring in 4K+ new crypto users everyday, we currently have hundreds of thousands of existing users! UNIDEX - Uniswap Exchange > 200K+ Downloads UNIPRO - Use Uniswap Like a PRO > 200k+ Downloads HEX Toys - 50K+ Downloads Twitter 12K+ Followers TickTock 30K+ Inbstagram 30K+

Price Range
$9 - $3K
1.2M A Month
Push Notifications
250K+ Users
Email List
150K+ Users
Updated 09/03/21 at 09:25 PM
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Per Day
Featured Banner On

Want to be featured on the HEX Toys mainsite? Our site attracts almost 1 thousand new users a day!

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Per Week
Be Featured On Our Apps

Our apps are downloaded over 3 thousand times every day and were are growing, this can be proven with appstore and playstore metrics. Unipro alone gets over 500K impressions a month! Have your AD on our homescreen our apps!

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Telegram Pinned Message

HEX Toys has an extremely popular telegram group of 30K+ active crypto members, do you want to have your message pinned?

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Per Post
Twitter Post

The HEX Toys Twitter Account - @hextoysoffical has over 12K+ followers!

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Push Notification (Premium)

Send a push notification to all the users our our apps! This one of our most successful marketing tools, reach over 250K+ Users and only pay per click. Detailed statistics are provided.

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