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We help cryptocurrency/ blockchain/ start-up brands to grow their user base up to million users by understanding the requirements.

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Marketing in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is different than traditional marketing. Many factors such as New edge technology, Lack of knowledge, High volatility, Transparency etc left our community broken and confused. We know there are lot of happenings like Fraud, Mistrust etc those left an impression of fear in common people. A recent study of Ecoin Foundation shows most of the people wants to be the part of this journey and they come to our platform, Ecoin. We believe in due diligence, project study and we only promote organizations whom we believe will be a 'Change Maker' Ecoin has created World’s first AI-driven sign up process that prevents Sybil attack and provides guaranteed genuine unique users by using just email/ phone no/ IP address. Keeping the sign up super easy while still controlling fraud helps organizations to manage cost effectively for mass user on-boarding. Using this, we managed to get over 5 million+ sign-ups and 2 million guaranteed unique users in last 8 months.

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Ecoin has acquired over 5 million users. Please reach out to us for more details

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