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Blockgeeks is the largest independent blockchain education platform in the world. Our ecosystem is an active and engaged community of technology and business developers. Advertising on Blockgeeks ensures front row exposure to a broad community of learners, developers, executives, investors and simply curious humans just entering the blockchain space. Fantastic for reaching a fresh, impressionable crypto audience. Start your campaign today.

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Block Geeks

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Sponsored Article

We will post an article or press-release in our news section. A news story about your company, or an essay about your mission, produced and written in strict accordance with our editorial policies and guidelines. 

• Post (must be approved by our team-only blockchain content) • We will optimize for SEO and promote it on our social channels.

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Block Geeks

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Blockgeeks Guide (High SEO Impact)

We will prepare an in-depth guide that describes your product or service in detail, and it will be posted in our high traffic high ranking section: 
 • We will optimize for SEO keywords that you choose • Do follow link • Нour choice of Anchor text • Send to our email list of 270k subscribers • Push notification 10k • Social media outreach 50k

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Block Geeks

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Blockgeeks Webinar

Host a workshop or webinar for our members to educate about your company or product. The webinar record will be available for our learners permanently.

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Block Geeks

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Partner of the Week

This premium sponsorship on our homepage exposes your product to the audience you want to reach — influencers and decision makers at tech and tech-enabled companies.
 • Front Homepage placement (20k daily visitors); • Email promotion to members; • Front cover logo placement and on landing page.

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Block Geeks

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Email Newsletter Promotion

Have your highlighted message featured in our weekly email newsletter. • 290k Contacts • 20%+ Open rate • 3.2% CTR

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Block Geeks

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Banner Ad Package (100,000 Impressions)

We focus on relevant banner ads to be aligned with the content. Most of our ads are placed in the content articles and guides. Average CTR is 0.4% 
CPM – $4 USD.

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