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About is a content-based incentive platform based on the decentralized economy that continually motivates new news content. It is a comprehensive content platform based on blockchain and big data technology. The main functions include two aspects, one is the distribution and acquisition of content, the other is distribution according to work, and the readers and creators are required to issue token “source mine”. At the same time, the official put forward the concept of “improving productivity, changing the

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Updated 14/04/21 at 06:12 AM
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Top banner ad space

At the top of each article and table of contents page, the size is 728 by 90 pixels.

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Right widget banner

The right widget banner on the catalog and article pages, the size is 300x250 pixels

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0x News

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Sponsored article

Sponsored articles related to blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, allow insert infollow links.

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Text link ad

Text link at the top of each article

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