Ad Dragon: A peer-to-peer
advertising marketplace.


Peer-to-peer advertising presents a solution to many of the problems facing the advertising industry today. The data-harvesting, lack of competition and censorship from big-tech advertising platforms has hurt consumers, businesses and the advertising industry as a whole.

Giant internet monopolies have become gate-keepers businesses must go through to advertise themselves online. With up to 90% of searches going through a single tech giant (Google).

This system gives a single entity far too much power over the internet economy and an incentive for tech giants to abuse their monopolies to further their own interests, financial, political or otherwise.

We propose a peer-to-peer system of advertising that aggregates independent media and content creators, allowing them to sell their advertising products on a neutral marketplace.

Using blockchain technology for payments, this marketplace can be completely decentralized and censorship resistant. Whilst also protecting the industry by fragmenting the ability for one company to dominate the advertising ecosystem.

1. Introduction.

We believe there is a much better advertising model than the ad exchange; Peer-to-peer ad marketplaces. Rather than creating a data-grabbing machine that relies on invading the privacy of internet users to deliver hyper-targeted ads (that can often verge on being deeply unsettling), we propose a peer-to-peer audience-based model of advertising.

2. Audience-based advertising.

The internet has given rise to millions of unique communities, all of which tend to be run by independent individuals, organizations and groups. These unique communities include Youtube channels, instagrams, twitter influencers, blogs, podcasts and other media outlets.

An online advertising marketplace can aggregate and leverage these independent platforms in one place, giving advertisers the opportunity to access their communities easily and efficiently. This presents a valuble opportunity to improve the internet advertising economy on the whole for independent sellers, advertisers and consumers.

Consumers benefit from being exposed only to relevant ads without having their privacy invaded. Advertisers benefit from the increased ROI opportunities of modern audience-based advertising. Advertising sellers benefit by being able to take back control from big tech, setting their own prices and terms by selling products peer-to-peer to advertisers on their terms as opposed to relying on the ad-exchanges to provide a fair price.

Advertising with audience-based targeting has been shown to increase ROI by up to 500%. This is because when customers are recommended a product by a media source they trust and follow, they are far more likely to inquire and convert. The term "Banner blindness" is used in the advertising business to describe the phenomenon of user's instinctively ignoring online advertising banners. Ask yourself, when was the last time you clicked a banner ad vs. when was the last time you checked out a product that was recommended by a trusted source.

3. Conclusion.

We have proposed a peer-to-peer solution for the online advertising ecosystem that leverages audience-based targeted advertising as opposed to data-driven ad-exchange internet advertising.

This whitepaper is still being developed and fine-tuned. Coming next will be information on the Ad Dragon token (ADGN). Please email if you want to get in touch.