DeFi Monetization For Content Creators

Ad Dragon is an monetization platform powered by ethereum. Sell your advertising services peer-to-peer and earn ETH.

Become A Seller

Ad Dragon isn't a regular advertising network or ad-exchange. It's a peer-to-peer advertising marketplace.

There's no lock-in, no contracts, no codes to put on your website or anything like that.

Ad Dragon is free, open and built with decentralized blockchain technology. It is the future of online advertising.

Why Ad Dragon?

The advertising industry has treated content creators terribly for decades. Providing little value while charging high fees. If you're looking for a new kind of ad platform, you've come to the right place.

Instant payouts, in crypto.

When you make a sale, it's your money. So why wait 30 days to recieve it. With Ad Dragon we pay you instantly and automatically using smart contracts and ethereum.

Control your prices.

Most ad-exchanges set your CPM rates and prices for you, giving you little or no control over them. We don't control your prices, we leave the pricing up to you.

0% commission.

Yes really. When you make a sale where the buyer came from your website, you get 100% of your earnings. No exceptions. If the sale comes from you, you get it all. We take a flat rate of 30% commission for any sales made by our partners or sales team, all transactions are publicly viewable on the blockchain, offering unprecedented transparency.

No lock-in.

The marketplace model is fantastic because there's no technical integration, you can continue to work with any other revenue solutions. There's no lock-in because you're selling peer-to-peer and we don't require you to exclusively use our platform, in fact, we encourage you to use every effective monetization solution you can.

Break the chains of big-tech

Big tech is pervasive, but if like many others you are trying to get off it, Ad Dragon is an advertising solution for you.

Our business model is privacy and freedom focused. We don't rely on the data-harvesting and privacy violating strategies of big-tech, in fact, we are incredibly opposed to them.

What Our Customers Say

"Ad Dragon is by far our favourite revenue partner because of the freedom. We control our prices and take back control of our income. Ad Dragon is a breath of fresh air."

Xenia Petov

Ad Dragon seller

"The most awesome thing about Ad Dragon is it's openess, opposition to censorship and the automated ether payouts. There's nothing like it in the industry."

Alman Dahibi

CEO at Falconeye

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