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Ad Dragon is a proprietary online ad marketplace developed by Ad Dragon LLC. Our business is based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.


We've built a tech platform for the sellers and buyers of online advertising, using the marketplace format. Our platform connects buyers and sellers of online advertising and takes a commission from each sale. This is the core of our revenue model.


In 2020 alone, total, global digital ad spend is expected to account over 50% of all ad spend. That's $107.5 Billion in the USA alone.

Despite increasing spends, there are looming disasters ahead for the tech giants that have monopolized online advertising.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of and unhappy with how their data and privacy is invaded to fuel the tech-giants vast data-grabbing apparatus. Smaller businesss are unable to compete because they do not have access to the vast amounts of personal data that the tech giants do. Ad-blocking is on the rise and is expected to start to seriously impact advertising revenue.

Ad Dragon is offering a solution to all of these problems with our proprietary peer-to-peer advertising marketplace. We collect no data and don't engage in the same controversial techniques the tech giants do. We're also focusing on modern advertising formats that don't get blocked by ad blockers, such as influencer marketing, podcast marketing, sponsored articles and press releases.

We think big and we have the market share of the tech giants in our sights. We believe very soon we will start seeing a whale-death scenario in the ad industry. The duopoly between Facebook and Google can't last in a climate demanding more regulation, more privacy and less data-harvesting. Popular browsers such as Brave, built with adblocking automatically enabled pose an existential threat to the tech monopolies. Their decline will fuel the need for an alternative, we believe we are part of the solution to a broken advertising industry.

From our research, in lieu of the data-scandals, consumer mass-surveillance and anti-trust concerns, there will be an opportunity for new advertising platforms to take advantage of the decline of the current online advertising monopolies.

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Ad Dragon is a bootstraped company but we're open to investment. If you're interested in investing or learning more, send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.