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Become a part of the future of advertising.

Advertising is at the
heart of business.

Marketing, advertising and PR make up some of the largest external expenditures for almost all businesses. Advertising is to business what water is to humans, it's a need, not a want.

In 2020 alone, total, global digital ad spend is expected to account over 50% of all ad spend.


During a gold rush don't
sell gold, sell shovels.

It's never been easier to set-up an online business and the number of online businesses setting up each day is growing at an accelerating rate.

By providing advertising services for these new, online businesses, we're working to become a core part of the internet advertising ecosystem.


Ad Dragon is a proprietary
online ad marketplace

We've built a tech platform to service advertising sellers and buyers, using the marketplace platform format.

Our platform connects buyers and sellers and takes a commission from each sale. This is the core of our revenue model.

Proprietary technology.

Marketplace platform model.

Incredible revenue growth potential.

Low operating costs.


An advertising alternative challenging big tech.

We think big and we have the market share of the tech giants in our sights.

From our research, in lieu of the data-scandals, consumer mass-surveillance and anti-trust concerns, there will be an opportunity for new advertising platforms to take advantage of the decline of the current online advertising monopolies.

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We're currently in the very early stages of our investment and our seed round will be launching soon. Get in touch if you're interested in learning more and investing in the future of online advertising.