We're going to change the ad biz.

Founded in 2019, our technology and advertising innovators are building the world's largest online marketplace for advertising services. The Ad Dragon platform.

Ad Dragon is a privacy-oriented advertising platform; free from censorship, mass-surveillance and data-harvesting. An alternative to big-tech monopolies.

Our bright team of young technology and advertising pioneers are passionate about fundementally shaking up the ad-tech business.

We're hell-bent on distruping the ad business.

We don't like what online advertising has become, a monopolized industry contingent upon unethical data harvesing and privacy violating business practices. It's time to radically change it.

We're not trying to just make a better ad platform, we're trying to completely change the industry with an entirely new model; peer-to-peer advertising through an online marketplace. Powered by blockchain technology.

We're not the only ones that don't like the way online advertising is going. Consumers are blocking ads at record rates and consumer trust in the big tech monopolies are at an all time low.

With peer-to-peer advertising, advertisers can access audiences from high quality sources, without any privacy invasion. Sellers and content creators also benefit from getting more control over how they sell their ads. It's better for advertisers, it's better for content creators and it's better for consumers.

Powered by blockchain-technology.

We believe blockchain technology is empowering, so we've powered our platform with blockchain tech.

Traditional online payment solutions have many serious problems, merchants suffer from unfair disputes, fraud, excessive fees and financial censorship.

We're using cutting edge blockchain payment solutions to power our platform, ensuring our platform is built for the future and our customers get the best service and experience possible. That's really important to us.

Our founding story.

Ad Dragon was founded by advertising and technology pioneers.

We've built a product to solve the problems we found when working in the industry. The product we wished we had.

We know the struggles of monetization as a content creator, our founder was a content creator for many years before creating Ad Dragon, and likewise, we are painfully aware of how broken the current advertising system is for marketers.

We're very different, and we'd really appriciate it if you gave us a try. We're confident you'll really like our product and how we do business.

Ready to try it?

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