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Our marketplace lets you buy advertising products and services directly from independent media and content creators, without the middle-man.

How It Works

Ad Dragon is completely different from any ad platform you've used. It's a peer-to-peer advertising marketplace.

Think Etsy, Ebay or Amazon. However, instead of selling physical items, Ad Dragon sells advertising from independent media, influencers and content creators who sign up as sellers on our platform.

Step 1. Browse for products

To get started browse the marketplace for advertising products or services. Add the advertising products you want to buy into your shopping basket.

Step 2. Checkout and pay

When you've found the products you want to buy, checkout and pay to complete your order.

Step 3. Wait for delivery

Once your order is completed you'll be added to a private chat with the seller of your products. (this is the peer-to-peer part!).

There, you can send them the relevant files, requirements and any information they need to deliver your order.

That's it!

3 simple steps to buying advertising online from independent sellers, peer-to-peer, using the Ad Dragon platform.

Why Ad Dragon?

We're looking to disrupt the advertising status-quo by providing an alternative. Here's why we think you should use Ad Dragon:

Get better yields and ROI

The first reason why you should use Ad Dragon is because it has the potential to provide you with much more return of investment. ROI from ad exchanges has declined, dramatically.

The highest yields are in more modern advertising techniques such influencer marketing, sponsored content, video shout-outs, podcast marketing and working with content creators. Our platform lets you tap into the power of these modern advertising products by working with the owners of these platforms at scale, peer-to-peer.

Connect with sellers

Ad Dragon is peer-to-peer, we put you directly in contact with the seller when you buy something, we do this so that you can get the best results with them.

Advertising is notoriously opaque, you often don't know where your ads are going or how they're being shown when using ad exchanges.

Ad Dragon makes the whole process much more transparent and gives you the unique opportunity to fine-tune every aspect of your advertising.

Break the chains of big-tech

Advertising went from a simple, normal and profitable practice for businesses, to a data grabbing machine for Google's information harvesting apparatus. Google ads is frustrating to use, difficult to understand, slow to load and privacy-invasive too.

Beyond this though, it's simply ineffective. Ad blocking is on the rise and your ads on these platforms are getting through to fewer and fewer qualified audiences.

Savy, high-spending users are all using adblocker. To reach them you will need to advertise to them differently, modern audiences respond far better to recommendations by influencers or media they trust. Ad Dragon is the tool to help find these audiences, and that's what makes it so powerful.

What Our Customers Say

"Ad Dragon is different and that's what I like about it. If you can leverage the marketplace you can get some incredible ROI on your ad spend. I recommend that advertisers try Ad Dragon to get a feel for what advertising should be like."

Nicholas Pierce

Advertising Manager

"Blockchain has incredible potential but few have utilized it in the ad space as effectively as Ad Dragon. Preserving the decentralized and anti-censorship spirit of the community, this peer-to-peer ad marketplace is exactly what we needed, not imitations of Google's model."

Stefano Palutz

Blockchain expert

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