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"It's always been difficult finding new advertising channels and opportunities. I love Ad Dragon because it lets you see reviews and detailed metrics, it's easy to try tons of opportunities until you find something that works and go with it."

Anne M.

Advertising Executive

"This is a product I wish I had 10 years ago. I can find content creators to promote my product and scale to the moon. It's easy to use and affordable. I really couldn't recommend Ad Dragon enough."

Kenneth C.

Small Business Owner


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that work for your business.

The holy grail for any business is finding the perfect growth-hack that simply works and doesn't cost a fortune. Our platform is a tool to help you find that.








Break the chains of big-tech
with independent media.

We believe in a free and open advertising marketplace, free from the censorship and control of big-tech monopolies. If your business is legal in the USA, we'll support you.

Anti-censorship, we're laissez faire.

No vauge rules or unfair suspensions.

No data harvesting or collecting.

All legal businesses welcome.


Scale your biz to the moon.

Big-tech advertising platforms are becoming less and less effective. Relying on unethnical data-harvesting, their systems are breaking down and not working for new businesses.

Ad Dragon lets you browse through thousands of advertising products, from sellers around the world, find something in your niche that works and hyper-scale.


Our pricing is totally transparent & simple.

Just like any other online marketplace, you only pay for the items in your cart. Always know exactly what you're getting for your ad dollars.


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