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Our Company.

Since 2019 we've been helping publishers and advertisers achieve more from online advertising.


Our founding story

"Ad Dragon is a company founded by online advertising and technology experts disillusioned with the current status-quo of the industry.

We set out to build a platform designed to give more transparency and value to advertisers whilst providing our publishers with more control over their revenue."

- Callan Goldeneye, Co-founder & CEO

Our Vision

"The online advertising ecosystem has been unfair for both publishers and advertisers for many decades so we're empowering change with an open marketplace.

We are democratizing the process of buying and selling ads, giving publishers the ability to control their inventory and advertisers access to quality publishers they can hand-pick."

- Elman Sahibi, Co-founder & President

our company values

We've designed Ad Dragon to give businesses a way to advertise organically, reach their audience & grow.
We strongly believe in providing content creators with a viable revenue source they can control & trust.
We work hard to provide modern & innovative solutions to the dynamic online advertising industry.
Our platform is designed to save our customers time & money so that they can be more productive.
The advertising industry hasn't done enough to provide fair results for buyers & sellers. We want to change that.
Trust and integrity are at the heart of what we do & are our most foundational company principles.

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