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How To Earn Cryptocurrency

So you want to earn cryptocurrency online? You are not alone. As cryptocurrencies become more popular, everyone is trying to get some of it. 

There are many ways to do it, some of which  allow you to get free crypto. Others however require some actions on your part. 

As you may know, cryptocurrencies are highly technical, with a lot of technology behind it. 

However, earning it doesn’t have to be a hassle. The following are 7 ways you can easily earn cryptocurrency online. 

Earn crypto by selling ad services on Ad Dragon

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One of the easiest ways to earn cryptocurrency online is to sell advertising services on Ad Dragon. As the DeFi ecosystem continues to grow, many industries are thriving on it including advertising.

Ad Dragon is one of the top blockchain ad platforms.  As a DeFi advertising platform, it connects sellers of ad services with those who need such services. The connection is P2P with no need for a middleman, so sellers get full payment for their services.

You can sell your advertising services on the free, Open-source blockchain based marketplace. The platform is built for everyone even without coding knowledge to make passive income.

Sellers get instant payouts in crypto when they make sales with zero commission and no lock ins. Start selling your ad services and earn crypto with Ad Dragon today.

Earn cryptocurrency online by staking 

Staking is becoming a very popular way to earn cryptocurrency easily. Staking is the practice of using your cryptocurrency holding to secure a cryptocurrency network by staking it. 

This is done for networks that use Proof-of-Stake algorithms. Ethereum 2.0 is one of such networks that give ETH holders a chance to make money by staking their coins.

There was more $1 billion worth of ETH staked as at mid December 2020. Several other proof of stake networks also provide similar opportunities. 

DeFi tokens such as Uniswap (UNI) also reward community members for staking their tokens to contribute to the liquidity pool.

If you are looking for ways to earn cryptocurrency online without much stress, staking could be a viable option for you. 

Earn Bitcoin and other crypto by mining 

Mining is another way to earn cryptocurrency online. This applies to cryptocurrencies that use Proof-of-Work algorithms and require mining. 

While it sounds intimidating, mining has evolved from what it used to be with Bitcoin. It is easy to mine cryptocurrencies these days online without the use of ASICs which is said to be dirty business.

Mining can be done on your own using an upgraded CPU or by joining a mining pool. The latter is preferred as miners join their hashing power together to mine and share the profits.

This has become a common way to earn cryptocurrency. All you have to do is contribute your hashing power to the pool and you will be paid your share of the block rewards. 

The profit is shared based on how much hashpower each member of the pool contributed. Need some pointers? Well, Ethereum is said to be the best cryptocurrency to mine in 2021.

Get free crypto with airdrops

There are many cryptocurrency projects coming up these days. As they launch, such projects give away their coins and tokens in airdrops. 

The airdrops are a good way to earn cryptocurrency online. All you have to do is perform a few assigned tasks and you will get them deposited in your wallet.

This means you need to get a wallet that supports the particular coin or token that you like. There are several wallets out there to choose from. 

Some support multiple cryptocurrencies while some are for a single cryptocurrency. You need to find the right one to get the airdrop which could bring you significant value.

Earn free Bitcoin and other crypto with faucets

Faucets are another way to earn cryptocurrency online. You can just head to a faucet website and click a “spin” button. 

This gives you some amount of BTC or whatever cryptocurrency it issues. Some of the faucets give multiple cryptocurrencies that you can easily exchange. 

While faucets won’t get you huge amounts of crypto like the case with airdrops, it is easy. Sometimes, you will be required to perform a few tasks like playing games, filling surveys etc. 

Some faucets boast of having paid out millions of dollars in crypto to its users. If you don’t mind starting small, faucets can be a fun way of getting some free cryptocurrencies.

Earn crypto by trading

This is one way of earning cryptocurrency online that requires some level of technical expertise. It can also be very profitable. In fact, traders have confessed how profitable it can be during bull markets. 

It however requires a lot of discipline and restraint in order to not lose funds due to greed. 

To trade, you only need to create an account on an exchange. After that, fund your trading account and open a trade. 

Some exchanges allow you to trade with as little as 10$, so you can experiment. However, it is highly recommended that you master your trading strategies first. 

This can be done by paper trading on Tradingview. You can then use real money to trade when you are sure your method is profitable. 

Earn crypto by P2P trading

This is another way to earn cryptocurrency online.  It is technically trading, only that it does not require technical trading knowledge. 

You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies on platforms such as Localcrypto, LocalBitcoins and Paxful. You buy at a lower rate and sell higher. 

This service is also supported by some crypto exchanges. The exchange serves as a mediator to ensure the trade is completed and no one gets cheated. 

P2P trading is now a big marketplace for crypto. This is mainly because of governments stopping the use of exchanges to buy or sell. 

The new trend makes it a big money making opportunity that you can take advantage of.


These are 7 ways you can earn cryptocurrency online. You can try them out today and start making some crypto income for yourself. Good luck with your crypto earning adventures!