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Ad Dragon Launches 0% Commission Monetization Solution For Content Creators.

I get it, when many people first hear about Ad Dragon, they're thinking this is just another advertising platform here to rip them off, make money off your content and charge exorbitant fees. We don't blame anyone for having this assumption about Ad Dragon, 99% of the time when dealing with ad networks, sadly, this is the reality for many content creators.

If those were your assumptions about Ad Dragon, they're about to be seriously challenged. We're putting our money where our mouth is.

All sellers will earn 100% of their revenue, pay 0% commission on all sales made through a 0% commission link to their store.
"What gives? Why would you do this? How will you make any money?"

Slow down, I know this is a pretty bold move on our part but the answer to these questions is quite simple.

We built Ad Dragon to be the best monetization solution for publishers and content creators. We care less about commissions and more about fixing this broken industry.

We recognize we can't do this without you (the sellers). In our efforts to recruit sellers, time and time again the same problem has come up. The problem of trust, and rightly so. This business is rife with fraud, bad-faith, high fees / poor service and many other problems. We want to show our sellers we're different.

See we really like to judge this company by the value we provide, we strive to provide real value to our customers and sellers because we know that is the only way a business becomes successful. Value is what every business should strive to produce and value isn't necessarily measured by revenue but rather how well you solve a problem. When you provide real value, real profits are produced.

Trust is the most difficult thing we've had to deal with. Ad networks have abused the trust of content creators since ad networks were a thing.

We're hoping by offering 0% commission we will earn the trust of the community and become the no-brainer monetization solution for content creators.

If you want to use Ad Dragon to sell your ads but are hesitant to pay any commissions, now all you need to do is use your 0% commission link. You'll receive 100% of the earnings and we will receive nothing.

How will Ad Dragon make money if it charges no commission?

We'll still be able to survive and keep the lights on. Fundamentally, this decision arises from a problem in the ad business. Advertising companies don't really think about the fairness of charging a commission on all sales, they simply want their cut at all costs, any time. Forgetting at times it's inappropriate to take a cut.

Let me explain. Suppose you own a news website. You'll have to sell a lot of your advertising products on your own manually, or use a banner ad network for automation. Most platforms will charge you a commission for using their platform regardless of whether or not you made the sale or they did.

We think that's wrong. If you made the sale, you should keep 100% of your revenue. When we make a sale or someone on our team does, then it's fair we're compensated for that via a fair commission but we shouldn't be charging you 30% for sales that you made.

We have to take a commission when we expend time and energy into converting an advertiser into a sale because if we don't we can't compensate our sales team or affiliates. However, we don't have to take a commission when you make a sale and simply use our platform to facilitate it. So now, we wont, as of today's update.

How do I use the 0% commission link?

To get the 0% commission link, all you need to do is log into your account, go to "My Stores" and click the "Manage" button on your store.

0commission.png 121 KB

Click it and then a menu will then open and you'll be given the link:

0commission2.png 142 KB

If you make sales through that link, you'll pay no commission, just as it says on the tin.

What benefits do I get from using this link?

Well the immediate benefit is now you have an online, interactive, DeFi powered online store you can use to sell any of your advertising services and you wont have to pay a penny in commission, monthly fees or anything really. For all intents and purposes, it's free.

By providing a link to your store on your website, you give your users a seamless self-service platform to buy your ads.

Forget media kits and long email correspondence, your store can be used as a one-stop-shop people can use to buy all your advertising services,  commission-free. Customers will most certainly appreciate this.

As you know, lots of advertising deals fall through during email correspondence, advertisers are busy people with lots of options, the longer it takes to buy and the more difficult it is, the more revenue you'll lose. Emails are messy and time consuming.

Making sales with Ad Dragon, giving your customers an online store to buy your advertising services creates less friction, speeds things up and as of today, costs absolutely nothing at all.


We hope we've really done something with this update that really shows you just how much we care about changing the industry, not just tweaking it.

If you're a seller on Ad Dragon already, I hope this feature is really useful and profitable for you. If you've yet to join the marketplace, I hope this gives you a reason to give us a shot.

Thank you for reading this update and please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

The Ad Dragon Team