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Ad Dragon Launches Ethereum Affiliate Programme

There are many ways to earn Ethereum, one of which is mining. Ethereum is said to be the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine in 2021. There is however an easier way to earn the 2nd largest cryptocurrency. This is through an affiliate program introduced by the blockchain ad platform, Ad Dragon.

Starting 5 March 2021, Ad Dragon will run a generous affiliate programme. Under the program, affiliates will earn 21% of sales made through them. They can share their affiliate links and earn Ethereum daily as commissions when customers use the links to buy products. Payment will be made in ETH. 

Affiliates will need an Ethereum wallet (Metamask) which they can link to their accounts. All commissions are paid directly into the wallet in Ether. 

Why you should participate to earn Ethereum

Ad Dragon is a blockchain-powered advertising platform. It brings customers and sellers face to face with each other without any third party in a peer-to-peer arrangement. 

On the marketplace, there are advertisers who provide advertising services. Businesses that need their services visit the website and can connect with them directly.

Ad Dragon also supports freelancers, influencers and YouTubers who sell various advertising / promo services through the platform. 

You can also sign up and start advertising and selling products or services on the world’s first DeFi marketplace through your affiliate link. The best part is that this program does not cost you anything except the effort to share your link.

This is a great opportunity as Ethereum is one of the cryptocurrencies with the best prospects. The cryptocurrency has grown more than 100% in 2021 alone. This trend is expected to continue as more investors flock into the crypto space. 

Participating in this affiliate program to earn Ethereum will prepare you for future price surge. The earlier you stack up your Ethereum, the better, so why not sign up now and start earning? Act now and get ready for the future rise in Ethereum price. 

How to participate and earn Ethereum

The affiliate program is open to all. To participate, just go to the Ad Dragon website and create an affiliate account. Once you successfully sign up, you will be assigned a unique affiliate link. 

Share the link with your friends and on as many platforms as you can. You will get paid 21% commission on any sales made through your link.

All participants on the Ad Dragon marketplace are also eligible for this program. For advertisers and sellers, they will see the “affiliate panel”. 

The panel reveals their affiliate links when they click on it and they can start sharing and earning commissions immediately. Sign up and start earning today.